Christ Baptist Church of Harvey
Thursday, February 27, 2020
We are vibrant church with an emphasis on family and fellowship.
Operation Care is a ministry of Christ Baptist Church that strives to meet the needs of our community and beyond by showing God's love directly to those in need. Elisha Darcey coordinates this ministry.
Please donate as the Lord leads you.
We have expanded this ministry to also include our prayer list and email updates to the church family.
Local Ministry 
Care baskets - We deliver boxes of food and basic grooming items and Bibles to many local families on an ongoing basis. Recently: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets were delivered as well as providing gifts and clothing to a multitude of families in crisis.
Back To School - school supplies are provided as request are received
Our food closet remains open to whoever has a need. We have operated the food closet for over 28 years.
Bible Distribution - we work with the United States Bible Society to distribute Bibles in our local community as needed.
Community Service Projects - Operation Care coordinates with our Youth Ministry to provide yard services and simple home repairs to residents in the community surrounding the church as a tangible way of expressing God's love.
Disaster Relief - we distribute requested items during disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, house fires, etc. We delivered a pickup truck full (over 1,000 pounds) of food to flooding victims from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX last fall as well as a toy delivery to children of Emergency Responders who lost everything.
Our homeless ministry  has been very successful.  We distributed more than 100 sleeping bags, hundreds of personal hygiene bags, as well as thousands of sandwiches, oranges, water, and gospel tracks.  Also, a very large number of meals have been delivered to the stretch of homeless living between The Bridge House and The New Orleans Mission. This ministry has taken a temporary break as the family coordinating this ministry has felt a call to Missions outside of our area.
Operation Afghan/Iraq
This ministry has wrapped up as we no longer have any Chaplains in either Iraq or Afghanistan requesting help. If this changes, we'll let you know. We shipped over 500 boxes of gently used clothing, school supplies, grooming items, food, and toys to the Chaplains to distribute as needed. Our soldiers are there to provide support and protection and what a help it was to be able to assist them in providing help as well to those who had nothing.
S.W.A.P. Shop
Surplus With A Purpose is a place at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary where seminary students and their families can go to find household items to help meet their needs while serving in the New Orleans area.
No donations needed at this time.